Bistrot Magnan is the new residency project of the PUBlic collective which is going to take place in Forcalquier and Marseilles, South of France from the 3rd to the 24th September.


The collective is going to work on Pierre Magnan's literature, a detective stories writer that had decided to base the frame of his literature on the region he was living in, Forcalquier and its surroundings.


The members of the collective will live 2 weeks in the place that inspired the writer and will collect materials through different events (readings for a movie premiere, animation at a bookshop etc.) but also from the people that knew at the same time the writer and his books. Many of the villagers that are currently living in Forcalquier were characters of Magnan's books and this is a great occasion to experience for the collective. It is also an occasion to bring a European look on a regional writer (as Magnan liked to describe himself) that was translated in about 10 European languages.

To learn more about the writer please look here: Pierre Magnan


Pierre Magnan died last year in April 2012 and the residency is also a way to pay tribute to the writer of the region.

At the end of the two weeks, a work in progress presentation will be shown in the city theatre in the frame of the

2013 European Heritage Days.


Afterwards, the collective will move to the 2013 European Capital of Culture Marseilles – to rework, deconstruct and rebuild the final performance in the CIAM - Kashdance residency center to make a final performance

and present the results of the residency to the public.

To find out the events of the PUBlic Collective look here: Calendar

For a presentation of the project in French, please look here: Dossier de Présentation Bistrot Magnan

The project will be implemented by INFORM'ART France (Project Manager: Leo Cortana).










Partner Organizations:

LMN Liminale Räume and Sunshine Cabaret

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